Australian Guitar Magazine Feature


In 2004 the 0256 Strat was featured in the 50th Anniversary edition of Australian Guitar Magazine.

It’s time to don our party hats and twang a happy birthday in homage to perhaps the most famous guitar in the world – the Fender Stratocaster. In a special celebration Craig White rediscovers the magic era of when it all started with the band first through to play a Strat professionally in Australia – The Atlantics.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster, possibly the most significant guitar-related milestone that you or I will witness – unless we are still around to celebrate the centenary of the model in 2054. The history of the Stratocaster has been told many times in the half century since the first rolled off the production line, however one story remains largely untold, and that is the history of the Stratocaster from an Australian perspective.

We are speaking this issue with The Atlantics, Australia’s most famous surf-rock band, as they recall their initial impressions of, and experiences with, the Fender Stratocaster. Surf music of the day was synonymous with the new-fangled instrument and The Atlantics decided early on that they needed to secure some Strats.

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